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Looking for someone who can help stay organized and on top of email, social, calendar and work flow. Familiarity with Google suite, Weebly, Trello, are assets but we are willing to switch to other tools.

We are a small farm exploring alternative sustainable practices while engaging with Learning and Arts communities to expand awareness and conversations around food and climate justice. We host residencies and courses in sustainable agriculture and various fine arts and crafts on site. Any knowledge of sustainable agriculture, permaculture, arts or education are a bonus. Must speak at least intermediate English, French would be a huge asset as we are in Quebec and have limited French ourselves but we can continue to work around this with translators. Passion for climate action, food, justice, and inclusion/representation will fit well with this role. Depending on skill set and interests, parameters of role could change over time.

Some understanding of ADHD,  and an openness to a decolonized and queer lens are all a must


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