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Personal Life and Business Admin Help

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Job info from Client:


What does your typical day look like?

Always changing but typically 3-6 zoom calls and then working on projects

What do you hate to do that needs to get done and what would you rather be doing?
Documenting everything neatly in Notion and google drive, scheduling meeting, handle administrative stuff
I’d rather focus on the big picture and be able to send ideas and tasks as they come to me to someone who would organize them neatly in Todoist

What are your income-producing activities?
Scientific research and consulting

Who is your target market, and where are they based?
University in Canada, non-profits and for profits omn West Coast US, so my work hours are 9 am – 8pm ET to accomodate west coast but not needed for VA

What skillset are you looking for in your VA?
Very responsive, super organized, can draft clear polite email and schedule smoothly, is able to understand how my mind works and creates systems and documentation that can be then used by myself or future asistants, bilingual FR-ENG preferred but not required. I am ok with fully virtual although if you are occasionally able to help with some in-person tasks in Montreal that could be a plus.

What tasks do you currently need help with?
All personal life and business admin stuff. Expecting someone who could eventually handle my inbox and calendar fully, making some calls, travel arrangements, managing my todo-list software, triaging priorities, making purchases, preparing reports and documents, maintaining my CV…

handle my inbox (eventually, maybe not start there)

schedule meetings and manage calendar

making some calls on my behalf,

making travel arrangements and purchases

managing my todo-list,

preparing reports and documents,

maintaining my CV up to date

proof-reading documents

administrative tasks

writing briefs to prepare me for meetings

managing my professional relationship databases

tracking expenses and preparing expense reports

organizing and archiving documents

preparing content for my personal website

help me prepare a book

collect and sort and organizing my various notes and brain dumps


Todoist, Asana, Notion, Google suite, Zoho invoices, Expensify

How much time do you currently spend on those tasks?

5-10 hr /week

What does your communication flow look like?

Lots of email and also Slack

What are your expectations of the working relationship?
I expect the VA to have a little daily for scheduling and potentially short calls to get up to speed. I would see at least on 30min call per week to touchbase on weekly assignments and priorities

Do you have a timescale for the support requirements?
Starting very soon but progressive ramp-up

Do you prefer to communicate only during certain times of the day?

Do you have your own task management CRM?
Todoist for tasks (+Asana for one client)
Notion for structuring things and project management

What is your (weekly / monthly) budget?
I was thinking to start with 20hours /month around $25 and see from there