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What is a Virtual Assistant?

Each of our plans include a dedicated virtual assistant (VA). You’ll work with your VA on a one-to-one basis, continually submitting tasks directly to this person. Your VA will grow to know you, your work, and your preferences—all while learning to anticipate your needs without you having to repeat yourself.

As a collaborative consumption business, our VAs are a shared resource among clients. They schedule their days to best serve you and your incoming tasks with priority and without delay. You can expect most tasking to be completed in 24-48 hours. If you need a task done faster you can place priority levels and deadlines on your projects.

Why do I need a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant can save you two of your most precious resources: time and money. As a business owner, you should be focused on your products or services and growing your business – not worried about day to day administrative chores. A VA can take care of paperwork, handle bookkeeping, provide customer service, organize your inbox, update your website, make travel arrangements, proofread your blog, graphic design, video editing, help with marketing and manage your schedule.

How do I work with a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant works remotely – they never have to step foot in your office! They can do anything you need, provided they have the information, instructions and software available to them online. All Virtual Assistants work hours that suit their lifestyle and do not have a set schedule. However, all your tasks will be done on time and how you like them. Better still? Time spent on each task is tracked precisely by seconds. So there is no round ups to nearest 15 minute block. You also don’t have to worry about break times, superannuation, income tax or anything else!

Do I have to train my Virtual Assistant?

Our Virtual Assistants are trained, very experienced and smart. There is no training required on your part. But since we love to do things YOUR way, it is a great idea to explain to your VA how you would like tasks to be completed if necessary. This may be as simple as a document with instructions, or an in-depth Skype conversation. All our Virtual Assistants have vast experience in VA roles, and are super-fast learners. Most clients find they spend around an hour or so on coaching, and then provide feedback ongoing!

Can my VA make outbound phone calls for me?

Sure thing. Your VA is happy to contact vendors, make reservations, and place phone calls for you. All VAs are equipped with Google Voice accounts, making calling a cinch.

How about in-bound phone calls?

Yes and no. Every VA has a dedicated extension available for you to call. However, this line is available for your convenience alone. Your VA cannot accept calls from contacts, vendors, or service providers on your behalf

Can my VA keep my inbox organized?

They can! Delegating your Gmail inbox to your VA to read, send, and delete messages on your behalf is a great way to stay on top of email and keep your inbox tidy. We can also help set up Google Apps for business.

Can my VA work with my project management tools or other specialized software?

All of our VAs go through a rigorous certification process so that they can best serve you from day one. While we do not offer specific training for specialized software, our VAs are more than happy to assist if you are able to provide instruction. Please note that we are unable to provide support for any software requiring local desktop download.

Can my VA do design or website development work for me?

Absolutely, every V.A has a team of designers and web developers at their disposal. You V.A would schedule a call from design team to get things started. Web development is covered separately and not paid by your V.A monthly payments. Prices start at $79.95 month.

Can I cancel anytime?

Absolutely, all our plans are month to month you can downgrade, upgrade or cancel anytime!

I just signed up! What can I expect next?

Please allow up to 24 hours for your account to be set up and to be assigned a dedicated VA. Once this process is completed, we will email or call you to provide access to your personal dashboard where you can add tasks, leave messages, share files and so much more. While your account is being set up, it is a great idea to prepare a list of tasks you would like to outsource to your VA, as well as write down all instructions and requirements you would like your Virtual Assistant to follow.

Why should I choose VA Canada instead of UpWork?

We often speak to clients who have not had much success with freelancers or UpWork, and want someone that they know they can trust, rely on, who is always there for them, who is experienced, has a great command of English language, professional, smart, creative and understands their culture. You want to be sure you can trust your VA with sensitive information and tasks. Virtual Assistant Canada makes it easy.

Where are your V.A’s located?

Our amazing Virtual Assistants are located throughout the United States & Canada.

Will my VA be working on the weekend?

Our VAs work standard business hours, Monday through Friday. You can submit your tasks anytime, day or night, weekday or weekend. If submitted before/after business hours, your VA will receive the task(s) the following business day to begin working on them. We do want to note that if you send a task minutes before the workday ends, it is unlikely to be completed that same day.

Can I access my Virtual Assistant on the go?

Sure. At GetAssistant, we give high priority to giving complete freedom for you to decide when and how to access your Virtual Assistant. Our project management service has native Web, IPhone, IPad, and Android apps. After you sign up, you will receive access to your Client Dashboard, where it is easy and fast to add tasks, share files, leave messages and instructions for your VA with a touch of a finger.

How are the hours tracked?

We use advanced time tracking tools to ensure the most accurate time tracking possible. All tasks which are completed for you are time tracked – meaning your VA will Start Timer when he/she begins working on your task and Stops Timer when the task is completed or VA has switched to a different task. If it takes your VA 5 minutes and 12 seconds to go through and sort your inbox, that is the exact time which goes towards your monthly plan. You will get regular reports on total amount of hours used. You can rest assure that you will only be charged for work performed and not a second more.

Who should not use this service?

Our service is geared to internet entrepreneurs, business owners, and busy individuals who need help with their everyday tasks online. It is important to understand there are certain limitations of what you can use our service for at this price level. Your Virtual Assistant can receive calls by you or your team, Your V.A can also make some outbound calls. We are not a call center, so your V.A. will not be able to accept incoming business calls.

We have built an incredible team of highly skilled assistants to help you with your everyday tasks, such as graphic design, administrative tasks, website design/maintenance, video editing, podcast editing, online research, social media, advertising and marketing and so on. We have found the the most successful use of our VAs happens when clients know what exactly what they need help with and have a workflow in place to delegate tasks. Your VA can certainly help you to setup such workflow.

Can my VA edit and format a presentation for me?

They sure can. Your VA can use Google Presentations to format and edit personal or business presentations.

Do my hours roll over?

Our package hours do not roll over. However, as each package represents a varying level of service, you are free at any time to upgrade or downgrade your monthly package based on your current demand.

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