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An extremely motivated, hard-working, and adaptable candidate with a three year advanced diploma in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (BBA).

A candidate with a passion for business operations, including financial operations, procurement processes, and human resource practices with over 10 years’ professional experience.


Salary Management Analyst

  •  Health Canada
  •  Dec 2021 - Present

•Provide staffing action support to various departments within the CFO branch.
•Analyze and entered hiring contracts and offer letters to SAP-SFT for resource planning, forecasting salary expenditures, and tracking employee movement within the department.
•Interpret and apply policies and procedures in the field of compensation and benefits for Federal public service employees.
•Calculate Leave with Income Averaging, Allowance Rate, Acting Pay, and Working Day Pay using the information provided and tools and resources available.
•Post staffing and salary related Journal Vouchers to SAP-SFT.
•Monitor and update Salary Expense accounts to ensure accuracy.
•Provide management with up to date data on salary expenditures and forecasts.
•Utilize PeopleSoft Human Resource Management System to employee information, including leave status, position changes, and pay.
•Ensure all necessary staffing documentation and approvals are received and e-filed appropriately.
•Collaborate extensively with various divisions and teams to ensure efficient processing of all staffing actions and pay related arrangements.

Business Operations Officer, Student Support Services

  •  AlgonquinCollege
  •  Jul 2016 - Apr 2021

•Provided operations support to Student Support Services, consisting of 7 departments with over 200 employees.
•Strong knowledge of the organization’s financial operations, procurement procedures, and human resource processes, and the utilization of the organization’s adapted systems (Workday, HRIS, PeopleSoft, etc.).
•Forecasted budgets, reviewed and tracked revenues and expenditures, reconciled accounts, and completed specialized reports for Ministry funding requirements.
•Provided support with planning, developing, and analyzing of operating budget throughout quarterly reviews, fiscal progression, and year-end financial closing.
•Responsible for the department’s procurement processes using PeopleSoft and Workday systems to manage contracts, complete supporting documentation requirements, and initiate payment of invoices.
•Acquired goods and services by locating and selecting vendors, negotiating price, approving substitutions, and ensuring timely delivery.
•Completed procurement Needs Assessments, Limited Tendering forms, Request for Quotes, Request for Qualifications, Request for Proposals, and Request for information documentation for the department on purchases over $25,000.
•Completed online purchase requisitions and generated purchase orders using PeopleSoft and Workday systems to acquire goods and services under $25,000 such as office equipment, supplies, and services.
•Provided support to managers in human resources functions such as recruitment and resourcing, developing and generating job postings, selecting the hiring committee, and final preparation of interviews and candidate selection using Human Resources Management (HRIS) and Workday HR system.
•Coordinated pay and benefits documentation requirements along with reference checks for new hires.
•Prepared office materials and equipment requirements, scheduling and implementing training required, while also ensuring health and safety requirements are met.
•Responsible for the coordination of formal and informal orientation activities on departmental practices, including training on time-entry processes using HRIS, and overall payroll and HR policies and procedures.

Coordinator, Student Learning Centre and Peer Tutoring

  •  Algonquin College
  •  Mar 2018 - Dec 2018

•Responsible for coordinating the operations of Peer Tutoring and the Student Learning Centre (SLC), which provides support to 17,000 students in full-time, part-time, and online programs by providing a review of the fundamentals of academic learning.
•Responsible for recruiting peer tutors and academic coaches for the SLC. In instances where a tutor for a specific area of study is not readily available, an alternative pool of prospective tutors such as graduates are recruited to fill the need.
•Planned and lead the Peer Tutoring and SLC program schedule of activities, including workshops, orientations and new programming activity based on client demand from students, faculty, and college administrators.
•Generated decisions based on statistical program feedback and recommends and revises subject specific activity to meet the student needs.
•Responsible for increasing student participation in academic supports and activities offered in the SLC, including workshops, coaching, and tutoring.
•Responsible for establishing appropriate training sessions for student tutors and developed appropriate guidelines related to tutor expectations based on collected knowledge and recommend any policy changes.
•Responsible for training students, staff, and faculty on the usage of the Student Learning Centre and Peer Tutoring system databases; ensuring consistency of appointments, fees, and scheduling details; and any other duties connected to the maintenance, administration, and overall delivery of multiple database systems.
•Developed and maintained available sponsorships and bursaries for all applicable students by liaising with various departments that support various student populations such as WSIB, First Generation, and Indigenous students.
•Conducted outreach presentations to students, faculty, Coordinators and Chairs to ensure community wide awareness of services and supports available.
•Responsible for processing tutor and staff payroll using the college’s Human Resources Information System (HRIS) and Payroll and Human Resources policies and procedures.
•Assisted with the annual budget and forecasts, and completes supplementary budget documentation as required, generates statistical reports, reviews and updates policies.

Program Assistant, First Generation Student Program

  •  Algonquin College
  •  Sep 2014 - Jun 2016

•First point of contact to 4,000 full-time and part-time First Generation students, addressing their needs and connecting them to appropriate support and services via a variety of correspondence
•Responsible for the administration of Sponsorships and Bursaries pertaining to specific student populations
•Liaised extensively with college departments and support services to maximize resources and services available to support First Generation students in addressing their needs for achieving student success and retention
•Developed and implemented a customized Salesforce CRM software for various provincially funded initiatives, including Second Career and Ontario Post-secondary Access and Inclusion Program (First Generation) to track business data and generate reports.
•Coordinated First Generation marketing and outreach activities to increase the program’s profile within the college community. This ensured that at risk First Generation Students, along with staff and faculty were aware of the unique services provided by the program.
•Researched, developed and coordinated retention and transition activities for registered First Generation students, as per MTCU requirements, Business Plan specifications, and student feedback
•Managed budgets (up to $12,000+) to coordinate small to large scale events and activities for students each semester
•Responsible for data collection, assessment and evaluation of student engagement and program outcomes (web analytics, statistics, etc.)
•Assisted with development, writing, and editing of project proposals and business plans for MTCU consideration
•Prepared, reviewed, and tracked RFQ’s, supporting documentations, and budget report of expenditures for small to large scale projects
•Maintained WSIB Sponsorships billing requirements for applicable students by liaising between various departments within the college (Peer Tutoring, Bookstore, Parking Services, and Registrar’s Office) and the WSIB billing office for timely payment of appropriate service fees
•Demonstrated cultural sensitivity and diversity awareness when dealing with and providing services to International students, newcomers, and prospective students
•Handled highly sensitive documents pertaining to confidential student information with utmost care and caution
•Developed and maintained the First Generation website and social media accounts as per post- secondary institution standards.

Project Assistant, Labour Market Ottawa, Business Development

  •  Algonquin College
  •  Jan 2013 - Sep 2014

•Supported a wide variety of labour market development programs, activities, initiatives and related services, including labour market data collection and analysis, immigration and labour mobility.
•Worked closely with Regional ECE Service Centres to ensure that relevant training and resources to effectively support career and employment programs are available.
•Compiled and analyzed information from a broad range of sources such as financial databases, industry analysis, traffic pattern analysis, competitive factors, financial statements and HR planning software to be utilized in labour market reports and resources.
•Developed comprehensive labour management dashboards to measure daily, weekly, monthly updates.
•Developed and maintained dynamic labour models that incorporate optimized service scenarios, sensitivity analysis, business decline/increase options, valuations, historical and forecast data to analyze non-routine & routine labour in a manner that supports decision making.

Administrative & Procurement Assistant

  •  Statistics Canada
  •  May 2011 - Mar 2012

•Enhanced Reliability Security Clearance
•Provided direct administrative support to the Director, Business Manager, and HR Assistant
•Provided administrative support for various regional offices, ensuring that operational requirements were readily available and maintained
•Provided procurement services by managing and processing contracts, purchase requisitions within purchasing authority and departmental budget.
•Sourced price quotations for contracts and purchase requisitions.
•Prepared and maintained purchasing files, reports and price lists for contracts.
•Reconciled invoices with contracts and purchase requisitions for payment processing.
•Generated inventory and financial reports for Senior Procurement Officer.
•Provided mailroom support such as pick-up, delivery, sorting and messenger services.
•Expedited and followed up with suppliers, scheduled deliveries, resolved material and value discrepancy, outstanding/overdue delivery of orders, warranty and damage claims.
•Provided printing support services such as coordinating and completing printing requests of manuals and posters for various regional offices.


Business Administration

  •  Algonquin College
  •  Jan 2009 - Apr 2011

Three years Advanced College Diploma in Business Administration, majoring in International Business.

Bachelor of Business Administration

  •  Laurentian University
  •  Sep 2018 - Aug 2022

Four year Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.