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Hi I am Colton Podhaniuk. I have been a social media marketer for the last 3 years. I have amassed a huge following on apps like Instagram and snapchat.

I am an expert when it comes to growing social media accounts extremely fast, as well as developing strong relationships with my followers and making sure they love every piece of content that I produce. As well as loving every advertisement I promote.

I am also an expert at influencer marketing, deciding which accounts would be good to promote products on, as well as running various social media ad campaigns. I know the exact process to what makes a good and engaging advertisement, and what types of ads work better on certain platforms compared to others. I am also good at SEO aspects of social media such as showing in the search bar on Instagram so your accounts pops up towards the top of the search, rather than not showing up at all.


Self Employed Social Media Marketer

  •  Mar 2020 - Present

o Duties: I run various Instagram theme pages everyday, I post feed and story posts everyday onto them, post advertisements for brands. I also run a snapchat account that I post content onto everyday as well.
o Skills: I have learned how to make a page look professional, how to choose the right hashtags for a page to make it grow, how to find viral pieces of content on Instagram and other platforms. I have also done a ton of networking on Instagram and have a ton of connections that are valuable to have. I have also learned how to keep an audience engaged, and the proper and professional ways to interact with your followers so they will interact more with your content which is crucial for success on Instagram.


Diploma Of Business Administration

  •  Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
  •  Sep 2020 - Apr 2022