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B.A. Theatre and Film

  •  University of Winnipeg
  •  Sep 2014 - Apr 2017

Specialized in film production, editing and performance.

Film production included working on films from conception to final form. This built a variety of skills including organization, scheduling, script writing and workshopping, and team management.

Film editing provided experience with a variety of editing softwares (Premier Pro, Final Cut, and others), colour grading, and story telling and pacing.

Performance classes for both stage and film were taken, as well as literary analysis, vocal training and dance.

Geographical Sciences

  •  University of British Columbia
  •  Sep 2017 - May 2020

Specialized in geographical information sciences and micro climates.

Both programs involved data management, analysis and large research and writing components.

Geographical information sciences is the presentation and management of data and its geographical location. Static and interactive maps were created (using Photoshop and ArcMap), with aesthetics and user interaction being main concerns.

Micro climates involves the study of temperature, precipitation and solar radiation in small areas with applications in urban meteorology and climate management. Final thesis was the study of ground green house gas emissions in a restored bog and their fluctuation with soil moisture and temperature.