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Saving your time and sanity, one project at a time.

A VA that enjoys doing the little things that most clients find to be boring or tedious. She likes when things are listed in alphabetical order.

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Wild Magic Designs

Wild Magic Designs
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Treasures by the Locks



  •  Self
  •  Aug 2010 - Present

I have been freelancing off-and-on since the end of my first full-time job. In that time I have written many articles that I cannot share, transferred several websites from other CMS set-ups to Wordpress, built many presentations, answered many e-mails, and even built several Wordpress sites.


  •  Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs
  •  Jul 2007 - Aug 2010

The OAFC starting and ending dates are approximate.

A more accurate title would have been "Webmaster/Receptionist/Data Entry Clerk/Editor/Graphic Designer/IT Department" had I been able to shorten it.

I wore many hats here. The Association handled the website needs of several smaller Fire Service organizations while maintaining its own membership database of over 700 people; a Fire Department directory of several hundred entries; a major trade show and conference; and several smaller meetings throughout the year. On top of that, it was—and still is—petitioning the government for various additions to its laws relating to public safety. During my tenure with the OAFC, we managed to get the McGuinty government to recognize volunteer firefighters in its presumptive legislation—allowing these firefighters to have illnesses and injuries recognized as being caused by their firefighting work.

The Association chose to outsource their website work in 2010 and my position was terminated as a result.


Multimedia Design

  •  Durham College
  •  Sep 2004 - Apr 2007

Multimedia Design provided me with a little bit of everything: Flash, Dreamweaver, InDesign, PHP, MySQL, audio/video editing, web design, graphic design, CSS, XHTML, etc.

Office Administration

  •  Durham College
  •  Sep 2011 - Apr 2012

I completed the 1-year Office Administration certificate and had planned to go through the Legal branch of the diploma program if I'd been able to fund that path.

Much of what I learned in Office Administration just enhanced skills I already had from my work experience.