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Administrative Assistant

I’m an Innovative, visionary lover of writing and visuals. I consider myself a professional in communications and new ideas. I am a digital and traditional hybrid, and I like structure and organization. This ability to identify what needs to be done with clarity is one of my attributes.

My nature is far from numbers, but I learned to read them. Strategy is my middle name. I like to propose paths forward, make mistakes, understand why they were mistakes and start over with a new perspective.

I have learned to work with people. To understand what makes us different and value everyone’s originality and unique talent. I identified that leadership comes naturally to me, but I also studied to do better. I do not stay put. I always strive for more.

Music and good people inspire me. I am a part of the generation that sends letters, but I prefer WhatsApp. I adapt to new tools and eras to move forward, always forward, never backward.