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Let Me Introduce Myself.

I am a freelance full-stack PHP developer in Ontario, CA. I have a severe passion for developing applications based on frameworks such as Laravel, Vue js, ReactJS and databases such as MySQL and MongoDB.

My expertise in web development with PHP, creating E-commerce stores, developing Business Websites, and SEO management can help your business gain more audience. I will help your business to achieve its desired goal. For an e-commerce store, I can create websites based on Shopify and WooCommerce. My SEO skills will bring your business to the top of the google search, which can help you reach the targeted audience. I can also help you with automation, which will boost your business to the next level. I can help any business, including restaurants, the medical sector, portfolios, web agencies and web stores.

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Need to develop a website or want to create an online store, email me today!

email: [email protected]

Crafted Projects


Full Stack Web Developer

  •  SRBPW
  •  Nov 2017 - Dec 2019

• Managed front-end and back-end development in the client’s portfolio, business sites and web portals.
• Modifying 50% of clients’ live sites by communicating with customers.
• Around 60% of income was generated by applying the idea of digital marketing and gaining revenue from platforms such as YouTube, Google AdSense, and publicizing.
• Overseeing websites with Domains, SSL certificates, and SEO management that reduce 30% of the expense, according to the client's budget.
• Collaborate with team and engage with clients to provide 100% results.


Computer Programming

  •  Georgian College
  •  Jan 2020 - Dec 2021

Bachelors in Computer Engineering

  •  Jun 2017 - Jun 2019