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About me: Excitement and a sense of belonging has always been my first reaction when given an opportunity to help out. Its a driving force that keeps me going. Whether it’s technical support, data entry, creating documents, spreadsheets or website edits, proofreading, you name it, I enjoy it. I have worked to complete everything from Safety manual booklets, advertisements, business cards, ticket design for events, social media posting, page maintenance, technical manuals for applications, step by step notes for laboratory procedures, remote updates for concrete and asphalt plants, sales and marketing, remote troubleshooting for business and personal PC’s….the list is endless. I enjoy having purpose. Considering the power of the internet, restrictions and my recent investments in new technologies, my time is now to start a remote office!

What I offer: This is one of the biggest challenge questions. It’s easy on one hand, I refer you to the list above. On the other hand I do NOT want to limit that to my list of offerings. It is no where near complete or inclusive. I strongly believe that it should always be an opportunity to assess the need and determine if it’s within my capabilities. Many of the things above I likely would have zero experience in if I didn’t have the opportunity to say “Yes, I’d like to do that”. Backing down from a challenge, as some of my previous colleagues would agree, is something I rarely would do.


Office Administration with Social Media

  •  Centre for Distance Education
  •  Nov 2021 - Present

20 hrs/wk, 52 Weeks, 1060 Hours

Weeks Hours Code Module Subject
1-2 40 STU 101 Essentials of Student Success
3-7 95 COC 104 Microsoft Word
8-11 76 MAT 106 Microsoft Excel
12-14 57 COC 301 Microsoft PowerPoint
15-15 19 PUB 101 Microsoft Publisher
16-20 95 COM 300 Business Communication for the Digital Workplace
21-21 19 SMM 200 Writing for Social Media
22-25 76 SMM 100 Social Media Marketing
26-26 19 COM 102 Filing
27-33 133 MAT 220 Basic Bookkeeping
34-37 76 MAT 221 QuickBooks
38-46 171 BUS 101 Administrative Procedures
47-50 76 PRO 200 Professionalism & Ethics
51-51 19 OHS 100 Occupational Health & Safety
52-52 40 OPR 100 Practicum
1-52 49 COC 105 Keyboarding (Concurrent)