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Interdisciplinary research and development. Innovations. Stakeholder engagement. Accessibility and Inclusivity. Curriculum Development. Teaching. Translations. French. English. Spanish.


Here is a little about me and what I can do to help you!


World life experience

  • I lived and worked in many countries around that world and worked with native and non-native people. I am an ally in decolonisation.
  • Some of the countries where I worked and lived include: Australia, Panama, Barbados, Guatemala, Canada, the United States and Belize.


Social ecological systems – complex problem-solving, research and reporting.

  • Initially trained as a biologist (McGill University, University of Queensland) I turned to a more holistic and interdisciplinary approach to find solutions to wicked problems (McGill University, Stony Brook University, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute).
  • I am a social-ecological scientist and I conduct research in a holistic and mindful way.
  • I take into account culture, diversity, accessibility and inclusivity and mindfulness into problem-solving.
  • I work with communities and stakeholders involved to find sustainable and successful solutions.
  • As a trained scientist and published in peer-review journal author, I am very resourceful. I easily research and investigate various primary sources to obtain information, across disciplines.
  • I conduct research to find solutions to complex (environmental and fisheries, but not limited to) current issues.

Community engagement and outreach as well as capacity-building and mentoring:

  • Stakeholder engagement, multisectoral
  • Citizen science
  • Building Partnership
  • Interview design and implementation to transcription and reporting.
  • Focus group design and implementation to transcription and reporting.
  • Designing outreach campaigns
  • Reporting back to the community



  • I excel at securing funding and am winner of multiple highly competitive research grants (international, government, academic) including the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute where I was a fellow in a pioneering program on Neotropical studies in collaboration with McGill University. Most graduate students take on a project that has funding, I secured my own funding to pursue my own research on finding solutions to illegal fisheries and other fisheries and conservation complex issues.


Multilingual communicator and translator and increasing accessibility and inclusivity:

  • I can communicate information in many languages: French, English, Spanish, Belizean Kriol and a limited capacity in Arabic and in Italian.
  • I provide translations in French, English and Spanish to various people, enterprises, non-profits and other institutions to help them expand their purpose. I sit on the Marine Diversity Committee of the of the Society for Conservation Biology and an Advisory board member for the World Federation of Coral Reef Conservation where I translate content for scientific meetings, calls for abstract and content in general.



Capacity-building, mentoring, coaching, teaching, lecturing and curriculum development

  • Teaching various disciplines (Languages, French, Spanish, English, Maths, Sciences and sports – swimming, skiing, SCUBA diving)
  • Teaching experience to all sectors (primary, secondary, adult education and university)
  • Teaching to a diverse and international clientele
  • Curriculum development for school boards, alternative schools, non-profits and non-governmental organisations.
  • Developing the citizen-science curriculum and projects to answer community needs.
  • Presentation preparation
  • Public speaker in international conferences.
  • Science and non-scientific communicator.



Some of the things I do, list not exhaustive, includes:


Scientific and non-scientific research.

Social ecological systems.

Holistic and Mindful Conservation (methodology applicable to terrestrial and aquatic systems) and Fisheries management.

Fisheries and Conservation innovation, including (but not limited to) in the areas listed below:

Research and Development

Climate change

Rethinking plastics and innovations

Sustainable living and livelihoods

Community and Youth engagement.

Stakeholder engagement.

Circular economy consultant

Green economy consultant

Blue economy consultant

Zero-waste consultant

Accessibility and Inclusivity.