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Manager of Conference call centre

  •  RBC private club

Manage bills,
Manage scheduling
Order caterer for long conference
Set up meeting
Set up conference room as client requested
Support team if technical issues

Administration assistant / accounting

  •  Construction Pascal lanoue

Handle all monthly reports such as Taxes, Construction fees, liscence registrations.
Weekly payment for subcontractors or suppliers
Handle the staff payment
Send PO
Monthly account consolidation
Make reservations for events
Planning of schedule
Assist the executive whit extra task
Assist the directeur with is personal projects

Admin. Assistant/accountant

  •  Ruche construction

Monthly taxes report
Manage all expensive on project
Receiving bills
Getting bills approuved
Make bill payements
Contact subcontractors
Order PO
Manage all extra fees on site
Email management
Keep regular contact to update the director