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Virtual Receptionist Canada

Attract customers and create raving fans with our delightful virtual receptionist services

Our bilingual receptionists can connect with your English, French and Spanish speaking callers. All calls are answered live, and we can have your account set up so that if a caller indicates a preference for French or Spanish, they will be connected to a bilingual receptionist.

Custom Call-Handling

You can select when we answer, who we transfer, which calls go to voicemail, what information we collect, and more.

100% Live Answering

Your English, French and Spanish-speaking callers can always speak with a professional customer experience expert, making them feel special.

Real-Time Updates

All your messages and voicemails can be delivered via notifications, text and/or email in real-time, or added to your CRM of choice.

Connect With Your Customers in English, French, and Spanish

1. your Client Calls

A prospective client calls your published number. The call rings through to your virtual receptionist team at Virtual Assistant Canada.

2. Warmly Greeted

When the phone rings, your receptionist’s screen displays your company’s unique information. They answer the call using your custom greeting.

3. Takes Action

Based on your instructions, the virtual receptionist will either forward the call, take a message, record information, or offer the caller voicemail.

Virtual Receptionist Plans & Pricing

No Hidden Fees, No Long Contracts, Simple & Easy!

Simple pricing so you always know what you’ll pay.

150+ minutes

Starter Package
$ 1
Per Minute
  • Account Manager
  • Live Answering
  • Add Minutes 1.49/Min
  • Add $150 for 24/7

300+ minutes

Starter Package
$ 1
Per Minute
  • Account Manager
  • Live Answering
  • Add Minutes 1.39/Min
  • Add $150 for 24/7

450+ minutes

Starter Package
$ 1
Per Minute
  • Account Manager
  • Live Answering
  • Add Minutes 1.29/Min
  • Add $150 for 24/7

Virtual Receptionist Canada F.A.Q

Have Questions?

The virtual receptionists at Virtual Assistant Canada are professional and trained. We hire the best service professionals who delight in satisfying customers, then give them training and amazing technology tools to handle your calls with the perfect mix of friendliness and professionalism.

To give our clients the best service at the best price we opened our call center in Mexico. This gives us the ability to hire Canadians, Americans and Mexican nationals that Speak and write English perfectly.

All of our amazing virtual receptionists are trained and equipped to answer your calls in a way that will delight your customers.

Our virtual receptionist are dedicated to creating real, meaningful connections with your customers in your name. Your receptionist team can answer and connect calls, take messages, screen for solicitors, return calls on your behalf, answer common caller questions, and gather basic caller information. It’s like having a full-time, onsite receptionist at a fraction of the cost.

Yes! Every call that rings during your preferred answering times or 24/7 are answered by your live virtual receptionist team. If you choose a non 24/ hour service, we can set up custom services or a number of automated options.

Yes! You may simply forward your existing phone number to us all the time, part of the time, or on a delayed basis.

You can also transfer your number to us.

We are happy to adapt our call-handling to your unique business, including only taking messages, collecting specific information from callers, trying multiple lines, and more.

Below is an example of call-handling for our virtual receptionists:

  1. The call is answered live by a virtual receptionist with your custom greeting.
  2. After asking the caller’s name, the receptionist briefly places the caller on hold.
  3. The receptionist contacts the customer and asks whether he or she wishes to accept the call.
  4. If accepted, the call is transferred immediately.
  5. If declined, the receptionist either connects the call to voicemail or takes a message and promptly emails it to the customer.