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Maximize your time, minimize your stress and achieve your goals with a Virtual Assistant – the ultimate solution for rapid growth!

Welcome to Virtual Assistant Canada, your one-stop solution for all your virtual assistant needs. Our virtual assistant services can save you both time and money by providing a team of highly skilled Canadian virtual assistants who can handle tasks such as email management, calendar and schedule coordination, social media management, data entry and research, customer service and support, and much more. Our virtual assistants are highly organized, detail-oriented, and able to handle multiple tasks at once. They are also experienced in various industries such as real estate, e-commerce, and marketing. With our virtual assistant services, you won’t have to micromanage, wake up early or go to bed late just to speak with your offshore staff. Sign up today and see the difference it can make!

Virtual Assistant Pricing Plans

Two Ways to Find Your Perfect Assistant


Team Plan Canada

Virtual assistant services to cover all your needs. A dedicated assistant based on your needs, backed up by a team when needed.

  • Dedicated virtual assistant
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Virtual assistant team when needed
  • Choose the number of hours needed per month
  • Plans have a 30-day rollover of unused hours
  • Plans are adjustable up, down or you can cancel anytime
  • Assistants work with a timer, tracked to the second.
  • All Canadian, in your province when possible
  • No startup, cancellation or hidden fees

Team Plan Mex

Full service virtual assistant services from our Mexican office at half the cost. Hand picked assistants based on your business needs, backed by a team when needed.

  • Dedicated virtual assistant
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Virtual assistant team when needed
  • Choose the number of hours needed per month
  • Plans have a 30-day rollover of unused hours
  • Plans are adjustable up, down or you can cancel anytime
  • Assistants work with a timer, tracked to the second.
  • Canadian, American and Mexican assistants
  • No startup, cancellation or hidden fees
  • Assistants work standard North American Hours
  • No late nights or ealy morning to speak with assistant

Few Of Our Amazing Virtual Assistants

A Few of the Services We Offer - But There is Much More!

Hire for almost any task you can outsource to a virtual assistant and save time, money and stress knowing your tasks will be done on time and within budget.

Office Administration

Let your virtual assistant manage the time-consuming, but crucial, business operations and administrative tasks.

Personal & Exec. Assistants

Personal and Executive assistants have an effect on the success or profitability of your business.

Bookkeeping Services

Record, store, and retrieve financial transactions for your company, or nonprofit organization.

Social Media Management

Leave the day-to-day social media tasks to your assistant and relax knowing you are always in front of your customers.

Data Entry

Let your virtual assistant update your spreadsheets, databases, customer emails and general data entry.

Manage Email & Appointments

Have your assistant manage your emails and set up appointments so you can focus on what’s important.

A Few Tasks You Can Outsource to Your Virtual Assistant

The tasks are endless that you can have your virtual assistant accomplish to help grow your Canadian business. The possibilities are endless, here are a few ideas for the different tasks your assistant can do for you.

your virtual assistant can do web research to help you gather information from the online notices, chat rooms, forums, blogs and other databases. VA’s can help you achieve your organizational goals while helping with other tasks along the way.

Virtual Assistants can take care of building databases of leads and contacts for you in whatever sectors you wish to target.

Your personal assistant can assists on daily business and personal tasks, they can do scheduling, travel arrangements, and research, typing, compiling and preparing reports, presentations and correspondence etc.

Your WordPress assistant can help manage your WordPress website – from setting up to design and layout customization to blog maintenance.

A transcription service assistant can help convert speech into a written or electronic text document. Your virtual assistant may take care of all the tasks of your transcription work.

You can grow your business success by having your virtual assistant create and manage content to use with your marketing strategies.

For any Canadian organization, outsourcing data entry work will always save time and help you focus on more important tasks. It will reduce efforts on low priority data entry work and allow one to give more attention to your core business activities.

Have a marketing assistant support the work of you or your marketing team to reduce administrative duties for the rest of the marketing team. Assistants can be asked to examine various cost factors for potential marketing campaigns and to coordinate existing campaigns by filtering relevant information from the marketing, sales, and advertising teams.

Have your virtual assistant generate and update website content. Manage website configurations & parameters. Create banners, images, promotions for display for pages or ads. Investigate, evaluate and assess new ways of generating additional traffic and orders. Process and publish products and assets to the website.

Virtual administrative assistant can take care of the same duties as any employee except bringing you a coffee in the morning:)

Have your assistant manage your emails and set up appointments so you can focus on what’s important.

Your assistant can help put your business on autopilot using cloud services to streamline your services and reduce costs.

Have Questions?

Virtual Assistant Canada F.A.Q

Absolutely, all our plans are month to month you can downgrade, upgrade or cancel anytime!

A Virtual Assistant works remotely – they never have to step foot in your office! They can do anything you need, provided they have the information, instructions, and software available to them online. All Virtual Assistants work hours that suit their lifestyle and do not have a set schedule. However, all your tasks will be done on time and how you like them. Better still? Time spent on each task is tracked precisely by seconds. So there are no round ups to nearest 15-minute block. You also don’t have to worry about break times, superannuation, income tax or anything else!

Our Virtual Assistants are trained, very experienced and smart. There is no training required on your part. But since we love to do things YOUR way, it is a great idea to explain to your VA how you would like tasks to be completed if necessary. This may be as simple as a document with instructions, or an in-depth Skype conversation. All our Virtual Assistants have vast experience in VA roles, and are super-fast learners. Most clients find they spend around an hour or so on coaching, and then provide feedback ongoing!

Our virtual assistant services use advanced time-tracking tools to ensure the most accurate time tracking possible. All tasks which are completed for you are time tracked – meaning your Virtual assistant will start a timer when he/she begins working on your task and Stops the timer when the task is completed or your VA has switched to a different task. 

If it takes your assistant 5 minutes and 12 seconds to go through and sort your inbox, that is the exact time which goes towards your monthly plan. You will get regular reports on the total amount of hours used. You can rest assured that you will only be charged for work performed and not a second more.

Please allow up to 24 hours for your account to be set up and to be assigned a dedicated VA. Once this process is completed, we will email or call you to provide access to your personal dashboard where you can add tasks, leave messages, share files and so much more. While your account is being set up, it is a great idea to prepare a list of tasks you would like to outsource to your assistant, as well as write down all instructions and requirements you would like your Virtual Assistant to follow.

Our amazing Virtual Assistants are located across Canada. Our virtual assistant all have their own Canadian phone lines and can be reached anytime during North American business hours.

We also have foreign assistants at a reduced rate for businesses that wish to save money and have amazing help.