Reduce Costs

Only pay for the amount of time you need, which means you save on paying a monthly salary.

Increased Proficiency

You can save a considerable amount of time by outsourcing and delegating different tasks to your assistant.

Lower Stress

Virtual assistants can reduce your business stress by overseeing core operations or general tasks.

A Better Way to Hire

One place to find and hire virtual assistants & freelancers.

Our talented group of assistants and freelancers have purposely sought out the flexible lifestyle that comes with being a Virtual Assistant. Most have years of experience as Executive or Personal Assistants, office admin, bookkeeping, and social media management behind them, are quick learners, and have the know-how to get things done – fast!

All our Virtual Assistants live and work in Canada. They understand how Canadians do business.


Our Services

Virtual Assistant Services to help streamline your success

Virtual Assistants

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Save you both time and money by using talented virtual assistants.

Virtual Receptionists

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Receptionist to help answer your business calls anytime of day so you can focus on what important.

Virtual Office

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Reduce costs and stress with full service virtual office assistance.

Web Services

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Let us design the perfect website and be there as your business grows.

Stretched too Thin?

Are you a busy entrepreneur, small business owner, or executive feeling stretched thin with limited time and resources? Are administrative tasks, bookkeeping, email, and social media management taking away from your productivity and growth? Look no further! Our team of highly skilled and experienced virtual assistants are here to help you take your business to the next level.

Few of Our Amazing Virtual Assistants

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What Can I Outsource?

Here are just a few examples of the tasks you can delegate to our virtual assistant services, but the possibilities are endless!

Administrative Work​

Give your administrative tasks to your virtual assistant to ensure that the rest of your staff don't get bogged down with non-essential tasks, so they can focus on business-growing activities.

Graphic Design

We have virtual assistants specializing in graphic design that can carry out design tasks such as developing concepts, illustrations, creating visuals for websites or ads at a scale. No need to hire an in-house employee.

Personal Assistance

Let your personal assistant take care of tasks like travel booking, research, sending out emails, client calls or anything else that you hate wasting time on.

Calendar Management ​

Don't miss important meetings. Your virtual assistant will manage bookings, set up reminders, make sure you are never double-booked, and create space in your calendar when necessary.

Lead Generation

Rely on your assistant to support your lead generation efforts. Delegate repetitive tasks such as researching prospects, database management, email marketing, and more to your experienced virtual assistant.

Social Media Management

Let your virtual assistant grow and manage your social media updates, create and run ad campaigns, so you can focus on core business activities.

Virtual Assistant Canada F.A.Q

Have Questions?

Anything you can do on a computer can be done through Virtual Assistant Canada.

With the skilled professional virtual assistants and freelancers on our platform, your organization can have on-demand staff to work with your company or complete one time projects — big or small, one-off or repeat, individual or team-based. Whether you need an office admin, executive assistant, receptionist, content writer for an SEO-friendly blog post, web development, or marketing, you’ll find talent ready to support your Canadian business.

Some services are free or by plan. For our hand picked assistants we charge a 15% service fee on one time projects and 12% on monthly recurring virtual assistant services depending on the total amount they’ve billed with a client.

We are free for employers to find talent.

Define your project. Outline your goals, deliverables, the skills you're looking for, and your desired deadline. The more detail and clearer you are, the better your search will be.

By thinking through and describing your needs, you make it easier for prospective virtual assistants and freelancers to submit an accurate proposal. Once you're ready, post your job, and Virtual Assistant Canada will notify matches for your job skill set. You can also search the entire marketplace and chat with qualified assistants and freelancers or invite them to submit proposals.

Most assistants and freelancers on Virtual Assistant Canada have experience and complete assigned work/tasks on time and as expected, but if needed, we’ll step in to offer help.

If there’s a disagreement between you and your assistant or freelancer, we’ll provide dispute assistance and, if needed, connect you with arbitration.

You can communicate using phone, email, text, audio, or video chat.

For long term work (hourly), you can evaluate your virtual assistant's activity through weekly reports.

Your virtual assistant's work diary, which you can review on hourly contracts. It tracks billable time down to the minute with task notes. While the virtual assistant is tracking time, our system also counts keystrokes and takes screenshots of their screen, so you can verify billable hours if needed.

On fixed-price jobs, you and your contractor agree on milestones for each project. When they reach a milestone, you review the work and release funds when the work is approved.

You and your virtual assistant or freelancer agree upon the price according to your project scope and budget. Virtual Assistant Canada makes paying for a virtual assistant or freelancer simple and secure. Choose to pay using MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or PayPal.

Hourly projects use our automated billing system and billed weekly, monthly or by project.

Fixed-price projects use escrow and divided into agreed-upon milestones.

Yes, all payments have invoices that will be emailed and can be downloaded or printed.

Once you’ve signed up, you can use our matching services to find the best virtual assistant or you can post a job, review matches, interview via chat or video, and hire your preferred candidate.


Thank you to our amazing clients!

Our long-term customers have enabled us to grow and build an agency that supports growing Canadian businesses across Canada.

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