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Let your Virtual Assistant handle your to-do list,
So you can focus on what’s important

Jump start your day by having your Canadian Virtual Assistant set up cloud programs, make appointments, arrange travel or design a website. You can even have your VA send you friendly reminders of important dates, meetings, and events. Send any task on your to-do list, if your VA can’t do it, they will find the right VA who can. Virtual Assistant Canada removes your stress!

Task Accessibility

Submit tasks by text, web, email, phone or by our Android or iPhone app. We make it easy to get tasks done.

Rollover Hours

Unused hours from your previous month’s plan can rollover and be used for the current month to cover needed extra hours.

Recurring Tasks

You can set up recurring tasks, daily, weekly or monthly. So you can set it and forget it.

Design & Development

Need a website, re-design or new marketing material? No problem, we are always on hand to help.

Use Any Device

Get your Virtual Assistant working easily, simply send tasks to get completed by web, phone, or any mobile device, any time of day.

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Our Canadian services can help save you money and time, helping you focus on what’s important.

24/7 Assistants

Have unfinished tasks that you need done by morning? We work 24 hours a day and can have your work done by the time you come back to work in the morning. Just schedule urgent tasks for the next morning in your project admin area.


Time Tracked to the Minute

Work hours are tracked to the minute so there are no wasted hours and you can rest knowing you are getting value for your money.

Canadian Virtual Assistants

We have a mix of trained Canadian and foreign Virtual Assistants giving you both quality and value. No more troubles with language, not understanding our customs, having to micromanage tasks or time zone issues.

Save Time & Money

By working with a virtual assistant, you will save time and money on interviewing, cost of employee benefits, taxes, bookkeeping and office space. You will not have to worry about incurring such costs.

Virtual Receptionist Services

Virtual receptionist services that can integrate with your current systems

Custom call handling virtual receptionist services - Virtual Assistant Canada

Custom Call-Handling

You can select when we answer, who we transfer, which calls go to voicemail, what information we collect, and more.

100% Live Answering

100% Live Answering

Your English, French and Spanish-speaking callers can always speak with a professional customer experience expert, making them feel special.

instant call answering updates - virtual receptionist services

Real-Time Updates

All your messages and voicemails can be delivered via notifications, text and/or email in real-time, or added to your CRM of choice.

Connect with your customers in English, French, and Spanish


Stop The Stress & Work Overload

Our Virtual Assistants can help with both your business and personal life tasks, giving you time to focus on what’s important.



"Virtual Assistant Canada have raised the bar for virtual assistant companies with a professionalism and skill set that is as unique as they come. Their combination of experience, innovation and technical knowledge makes them a must hire in my opinion. Who they are as professionals will draw you to them but the personalized service and their Virtual Assistants will keep you coming back for more!"

Terry Dobson

CEO - Thermal Remediation Experts Inc.

“I have a very wide range of assistant tasks and Virtual Assistant Canada has been the perfect fit for me. I have a dedicated assistant who is accessible to me at all times and I also have access to a team of assistants that can be assigned to projects that require specific skills. Virtual Assistant Canada handles the entire HR function in assigning assistants to my specialized requests allowing me to focus on my business. They are personable, professional and a highly valued member of my business team.”

Kim Heath


“Virtual Assistant Canada has been a huge help to has. Their professionalism and service has been better than any other Virtual Assistant company that I’ve used in the past.”

Robert Caruso

Partner/Owner - Real Estate Advisors


Our team of talented Virtual Assistants can help with both your business and personal life tasks, giving you time to focus on what’s important. We offer a mix of amazingly talented Canadian, U.S and foreign Virtual Assistants, same day turnaround, local time zones, mobile app, and much more!

Amazingly Talented Virtual Assistants!