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Sara G.

Marketing & Brand Strategist

Hi, I’m Sara and it’s my pleasure to meet you!
I am a proud prairie girl, residing in Saskatchewan, and over the last eight years, have been mastering my skills in marketing and copywriting. I have previously owned and operated my own business, as well as playing a significant role in a family-owned business.

I am ambitious, intellectual, very hard-working, as well as our highly organized. I believe in being as efficient as possible while ensuring that the quality of the product is achieved.

My previous experience with marketing began with my journey of owning my own company. I had to learn marketing, but luckily I fell in love with it! I have worked with national yoga franchises, and B2C products to help them achieve their goal of getting into a grocer, construction companies, real estate companies (and brokers), blogging for a local as well as a national newspaper and more.

I am also fluent in both French and English, and working on Spanish. I am very open to working in Noor industries as well as equally growing my experience in the areas that I mentioned above.

Lastly, I began working part-time at the age of 14 as an administrative assistant. Administration, assistance, or executive assistance is something that comes as second nature to me. It is all part of operating a successful business. Therefore I am open to any type of administrative position, as I find it to be position of solution-focused.

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