Here are 8 Key Reasons Why You Need a Virtual Assistant for Your Business


Most big businesses today are becoming more competitive and profitable by leveraging offshore outsourcing. One of the main go-to options for boosting business growth has been hiring a virtual assistant for project management, administration, customer support, and supporting team members, among other functions.

According to a recent study, 67% of business owners admitted to having hired a virtual assistant for their organization in 2021, with 47% of them planning to incorporate hybrid workforce structures in the next year.

In this post, we cover the top 8 reasons why successful businesses are adding virtual assistants to their teams. We show you why it is important to hire a VA for your business and how these professionals can complement your current organizational needs.

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Why Should You Think About Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistants can take up different roles in your company.

An ideal example is to assist your business manager with project management activities, from project planning to completion.

You can also hire a virtual assistant to handle administrative tasks for you, which helps save time by allowing you to focus on business development.

It all depends on your business needs.

In the following sections, we explore why businesses and individuals might choose to hire virtual assistants.

To Save Time

A virtual assistant can handle tasks and responsibilities that take up a lot of your time, allowing you to focus on more important tasks or aspects of your business. 

The reality is that modern virtual assistants can utilize technology to simplify business operations and help you focus on the most vital of activities in the business process.

For example, you can hire a professional to arrange your schedules and calendars. This allows you to work on other issues since you know that you will not miss upcoming events and meetings due to poor planning.

To Increase Productivity

By outsourcing certain tasks to a virtual assistant, you can free up more time to focus on the tasks that you’re best at and that generate the most value for your business.

Most VAs today are paid on an hourly basis to perform specific tasks for your business by working from home. This allows these professionals to complete more work per hour.

By working from home, a virtual assistant can become efficient at time blocking, where they subdivide their days into smaller segments for specific tasks.

Over time, this technique helps improve productivity for your business, since more work is done in minimal time.

To Save Money

Hiring a virtual assistant is generally more cost-effective than hiring a full-time employee, as you don’t have to pay for benefits or office space.

Most VAs possess the necessary administrative and people management skills, meaning that you will rarely allocate finances for training and development. You can then divert these resources to more profitable business activities.

To Access Specialized Skills

As we have stated in the previous point, virtual assistants often have a range of skills and expertise, so you can hire someone who is specifically qualified to handle the tasks you need help with.

Business owners can hire the type of professional that they prefer depending on their budget, business needs, and talent fit, which can ensure exceptional quality in the long run.

To Improve Work-Life Balance

A virtual assistant can also help you manage your workload and reduce stress, allowing you to have more time for personal pursuits.

When you have someone to undertake the “boring” tasks on your behalf, it saves your time and helps protects your mental health.

Therefore, a VA will allow you to only focus on business strategy, which gives you more room to bond with friends and family.

To Increase Flexibility

Virtual assistants are not limited to a specific location, which means you can hire someone from anywhere in the world and work with them remotely.

The flexibility that ensues from working with remote team members means that you always have someone available in case of a business emergency.

For example, you can hire a virtual assistant to work around your schedule, implying that you have someone to work on your projects outside of normal business hours.

To Improve Customer Service

A virtual assistant can help you respond to customer inquiries and complaints on time, improving your overall level of customer service.

Modern VAs are equipped with communication and collaboration skills that aid in offering technical support to existing and potential clients. This helps improve customer loyalty and retention, and subsequently, overall productivity.

To Handle Tasks That You Don’t Enjoy

If there are certain tasks that you don’t enjoy or that you’re not particularly skilled at, a virtual assistant can take them off your plate.

For example, as a small business owner, you might find data entry or filing digital documents tedious and unexciting. A virtual assistant can gladly take up this job and allow you to perform more enjoyable tasks, such as business travel or meeting visitors.


Hire a Virtual Assistant Today at Virtual Assistant Canada

In this guide, we have covered the major reasons why you need a virtual assistant for your business.

There are several motivations, such as the need to save time and money, increase productivity, access specialized skills, or improve your work-life balance. VAs can also help enhance flexibility, improve customer service, and allow you only handle tasks that you enjoy. 

Given these benefits, we recommend that you start thinking about how to start making use of virtual assistants to align with some of the leading organizations today.

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