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Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Virtual Real Estate Assistants Can Keep You on Top!

Go-getting real estate professionals demand savvy and reliable real estate virtual assistants that can keep them at the top of their game. The possibilities are endless for real estate agents to expand their current business.


Real Estate Administration

Let your assistant manage the time-consuming, but crucial, real estate administrative tasks and keep everything up to date and in order.


Content Creation

Let your real estate assistant create fresh content for your website or social media campaign and syndicate it out to drive more engagement, traffic and real estate sales.


Research on Properties

Your virtual real estate assistant can research properties and their owners, check legal names, public records, and many other things.


Customer Service

Let your dedicated real estate VA take care of your customers, update MLS and data bases, setting-up open houses, and much more.


Real Estate Social Media

Your virtual assistant can post interesting articles on your social media accounts, link to and curate great content that will attract potential clients.

Search Engine Optimization

We can edit your website so that search engines can properly access, crawl and index your site and drive free organic traffic.


Creative Work

Why waste time in Photoshop without having a clue of what you are doing, let our design assistants deliver high quality results.

Cloud Services

Your assistant can help put your business on autopilot using cloud services to streamline your services and reduce costs.

A real estate virtual assistant can help with almost any task or project you can outsource

Having a skilled real estate virtual assistant will drastically increase conversions, decrease your per-customer acquisition costs and make your social presence more appealing. They can even help with real estate CRM and website management.

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Tasks to Outsource to Your Real Estate Virtual Assistant

The tasks are endless that you can have your virtual real estate assistant accomplish to help grow your business.

Go-getting real estate professionals demand savvy and reliable real estate virtual assistants that can keep them at the top of their game. The possibilities are endless for real estate agents to expand their current business. Here are a few ideas for the different tasks your assistant can do for you.

Launch your a new realtor blog/website

Your VA can create a new real estate blog or website for you, adding a few pages about your team, listings, and buying/selling process, upload new listings, curate blog posts.

Contact clients and ask for a referrals

Your real estate virtual assistant could identify clients to contact for getting new referrals. You’ll just have to approve the email template that your assistant uses.

Set up appointment with seller

Your virtual real estate assistant can handle the back and forth the get the best time for an appointment with a seller.

Research a property’s ownership

Your virtual assistant can research the prospect property and its current owners, checking the legal names of the owners, the public record information about the land and any other information that you need.

Research if there are any public schools in the area

Your real estate VA could see if there are any schools near the property and if they are considered to be the best in the area.

Complete real estate listing checklist

Your remote assistant can create and follow a checklist for new listings.

Handle feedback forms

Real estate virtual assistants can also create and customize feedback forms for you to use during showings. Your assistant could also analyze and compile the data you’re gathering and create a weekly report so you are always on top of your game.

Real Estate Marketing Plan

Your virtual real estate assistant can draft a marketing plan to help with the needs of each home owner for selling their property.

Review and proofread real estate documents

Your VA can also review the information in the Seller’s Disclosure form, as well as proofread all documents related to the purchase or sale of a property.

Proofread new listings

Your assistant can save you time by proofreading new real estate listings for accuracy and checking that the data was imported correctly across listing platforms.

Find or contact a property photographer

Your virtual real estate assistant can find the best photographers in the area or contact and make an appointment with your usual photographer, then collect and upload the new images.

Make listing changes

Your assistant can make the necessary updates for each of the listings, websites, and platforms where the listings were promoted.

Coordinate your showings calendar

Your assistant can manage your personal and showings calendar, finding the best time to meet with potential buyers that would like to view your properties.

Send follow up emails

Your virtual real estate assistant can also email the buyer’s agent for follow up after a showing.

Open house promotions

Your real estate virtual assistant can create and promote your open houses.

Create relevant content

Your assistant can transform your market data into content for your social media channels, blog or website. It’s a great way to increase your website traffic and reach more people.

Enter data in the MLS database

Your virtual assistant can take care of compiling and uploading data to the MLS database.

Run offline and online ads for you

You don’t have the time to see which online and offline publications from your area allow real estate agents and individual businesses to run ads for free, but your virtual assistant can do that research for you. And why stop there? Your VA can help design the Ads and manage their publication.

Manage your social media presence

Your virtual assistant can curate and post interesting articles on your social media accounts, create and post infographics about real estate in your area and create great content that will attract people who want to sell or buy a new property.

Draft a list of questions for your meeting

Your real estate virtual assistant can prepare a list of questions, so you don’t forget to ask the important questions during your meeting.

Research comparable listings within the area

Research the comparable listings in the properties neighborhood.

Custom Comparative Market Analysis

Your real estate virtual assistant can prepare your CMAs so you have data supporting your next presentation or blog post on market trends and the current real estate climate.

Calculate utilities and maintenance costs

You can have these details all prepared to be able to have this information available for potential buyers.

Research offer competitiveness

Your virtual assistant can check MLS listings and other tools to see if the property you’re selling has a competitive price.

Find a local home stager

Your virtual real estate assistant can help you find a local home staging company and set up an appointment for you and the homeowners.

Edit images for new property listings

Your virtual assistant can crop the images you want to use for the listing and make visual adjustments to make your listings stand out.

Create a real estate brochure

Your real estate virtual assistant can collect and edit the necessary data to create a property brochure and handle the design, print, and delivery.

Online advertising

Your remote real estate assistant can create and set up online ads to promote your new listings.

Manage contact list

Your virtual real estate assistant can keep your contact list updated and set up email campaigns to promote your properties.

Add listings to your Facebook page

Your real estate remote assistant can also post new listings to your Facebook page or other social media channels to reach even more potential clients.

Real estate newsletters

Your assistant can also handle email marketing for you. Just select your favorite email marketing platform and your virtual assistant can take care of the rest.

Research real estate marketing trends

A virtual real estate assistant can create a quarterly real estate marketing reports. Your VA can always keep you in the loop about what’s driving sales for other realtors and where the industry is going.


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