Canadian Virtual Assistants can help your business grow

Canadian Virtual Assistants can help your business grow

Canadian Virtual Assistants can help your business grow

Do you need an extra hand to run your growing small or medium-sized business? Perhaps someone to update your website, create a new design, help with your social media updates, gathering customers reviews or almost anything that you can outsource.

But what if you can’t afford to hire, or have space for a full-time employee? Well, your best bet would be to find and hire a Canadian virtual assistant to help keep you on top of your game without spending unneeded capital on a full-time employee.

With a Canadian virtual assistant, you can go back to focusing on your core business needs and leave the daily tasks that bog you down to an outsourced office or design professionals.

A VA (virtual assistant) is an independent contractor who helps small to medium-sized businesses with their overflow or core tasks. VA’s work from their own offices or a Virtual Assistant Company office. They can help with almost any tasks that are usually handled by in-house employees.

According to the Canadian Association of Virtual Assistants (CAVA), Virtual assistants enable business owners to get the help they need with administrative tasks, marketing, CRM management, web design or even call answering and sales, freeing them to concentrate on the tasks that generate the most revenue.


Finding the right task to outsource to your VA is essential. Here are a few you can start with today:

  • CRM updates
  • Social media management
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Data Entry
  • Database creation / management
  • Desktop publishing
  • Internet and market research
  • Meeting planning
  • Transcription and word processing
  • Travel planning and booking

The benefit of a VA is they get your tasks done without you having the overhead of an actual in-house employee. So you’d expect a Virtual Assistant to be affordable. In fact, rates vary considerably. With Virtual Assistant Canada, you can purchase a monthly package to retain a VA for long-term or by purchasing a one-time hourly package with hours that can be used over the following 12 months, both with a guarantee of performance.


Any business needs reliable support that can reduce overhead and help their businesses with administrative, marketing and design tasks.

Virtual Assistants can become an important part of your business’s growth while keeping costs down. Try one today and see if they balance your load. Make sure to contact us at Virtual Assistant Canada when you’re ready to hire your first Canadian Virtual Assistant!

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