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Outsource the right tasks to your Virtual Assistant

To find the perfect tasks to outsource to your virtual assistant you need to know what your core role is. What is it that you actually do for a living and love to do, what’s your value to clients, and why you went into business in the first place. The goal is to outsource what you don’t need to do, what’s not your core value tasks, things that suck up your time, or that you hate to do.

Method 1

  1. Start by writing down every task you do over the next few days or week.
  2. Then mark in red everything only you can do.
  3. Then mark in orange the things that you’ll keep doing for now but might outsource later.
  4. Everything else on the list can usually be outsourced to your virtual assistant now.

Method 2

  • Write down every task you do that takes longer than half an hour.
  • After that highlight the things you don’t like doing or don’t really need to do.
  • Then write down the tasks that you want to do but don’t have time for – your wish list. These are things such as business development, trying new marketing avenues, giving your existing clients more value or service, spending more time with your family, writing an eBook, developing a new product or service etc.

Method 3

  • What tasks are on your ‘other’ to-do list. This is the long-term list of things you never get around to doing because work keeps getting in the way.
  • How many emails are in your inbox.
  • The one task or project you would do today if you had more time.
  • How you build your client list and if you have time to focus on them.
  • Whether you have enough time to give your existing clients the best service or after-care they need.
  • Whether you do follow-ups with your clients, get testimonials or case studies from them, connect with them on social media, do feedback sessions or have any other relationship strengthening systems in place.
  • Where you see your business in one, two or three years time, and if you’re on track.

Method 4

  • Categorise all your work into $20 tasks, $100 tasks and $1000 tasks. Business owners who want to go to the next level need to outsource all the $20 tasks they can so they can focus on the bigger ones.
  • $1000 tasks are huge business-progression things like connecting with business partners, strategy and creating courses. $100 tasks are (for me) things like marketing and creating content. And $20 tasks are everything else.

The smaller $20 tasks still need to get done, but just not by you!

You should be focusing on the larger money-making tasks, and some of the $100 ones. You are just wasting time, energy, and money by doing all the $20 tasks because they prevent you from focusing on the most important money-making areas of your company.

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